Japanese Miniatures

Welcome to Japanese Miniatures, your source for hand-crafted 1/12 inch scale Japanese style dollhouse miniatures.

Japanese Miniatures will provide you with unique items to add a touch of Japan to your dollhouse, or help you create a traditional Japanese miniature display. Some other unique handmade non-Japanese 1/12 scale dollhouse miniatures are also from Japanese Miniatures. Enjoy your visit and we look forward to serving you.

Retailers, please ask about a wholesale catalog!

Items currently available from Japanese Miniatures:

  • Zabuton (floor cushions)
  • Futon Sets (futon, comforter, pillow)
  • Sushi on wooden trays
  • Origami and Origami sets
  • Traditional Japanese accessories
  • Japanese Style dollhouse miniatures
  • Hand-crafted Non-Japanese miniatures are also available!

Please visit the Japanese Miniatures ebay store! Our ebay ID is TLC2NYC. To get to the ebay store, click on the link below.

Please visit the Ebay Store!

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Phone: 212-496-9536
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E-mail: info@japaneseminiatures.com

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